Thursday, November 4, 2010

...and now for something completely different

So you have discovered my blog. This being my first blog-thing ever, I have no real ideas for a topic. I have no idea why I have started this entire process, but it seems like a decent way to say some stuff and then feel like someone has listened. I strongly encourage you not to follow my blog, I have a feeling that all I am going to do is come here to complain about things. You have been warned.
It is easier for me to sit and type my thoughts out than it is to try to explain myself to somone who is talking to my face. I mean, being an instructor, I have learned to ramble on and on over any topic concerning computers, but even this is still a new thing for me. I have probably talked more in the past 10 months at my current job than I have in my entire life. I think it has helped me to build my skills in face-to-face conversation, definitely not the type of thing you learn working on a factory floor or on a construction site. Still, those types of jobs definitely taught me efficiency, where I should place my trust and the value of lunch breaks.
Some people leave education behind once they are done high school and then just find a job in order to keep living. But learning is something that should never stop. Things never become better on their own, if you aren't moving forward then you are sliding backwards. Your brain acts a muscle, use it or lose it. You can do anything, if you put your brain to work on it.
Never stop trying to improve your life, my friends. Never allow yourself to settle into one place, because that spot will become a hole which becomes harder and harder to climb out of. In the face of all your troubles, never give in.

"The Carnival": I made this in my first year of college. It isn't a very imaginative title, but the idea behind it was that the big guy in the centre of the shot is a long-dead stone golem, who is now being used to attract tourists.